The new cancer prevention 16

Published: 10th March 2009
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The new cancer prevention 16Published by the World Health Organization anti-cancer elements, the original 10 are now increased to 16. We are speaking today, said the new 16.

First. Do not eat moldy food and related products. Peanut, soybean, rice, flour mold may produce aflatoxin, which is a strong carcinogen.

Aflatoxin are the major carcinogens and other toxins are Aspergillus versicolor, ochratoxin, Penicillium carcinogenic toxins, such as Fusarium toxins have strong carcinogenic. Aflatoxin mainly in moldy grain, oil, peanuts, it is parasitic Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus metabolites, has a very strong carcinogen, can cause liver, stomach and so on.

The main preventive measures are mildew. If the food has mildew toxin-producing, it is best not to eat. If the minor mildew to take corresponding measures to drugs, such as peanuts can go pick mycophenolate tablets; rice roller mill can be used and washed method; vegetable oil can be added to drugs such as alkali treatment.

Article II. Do not eat smoked, preserved food, such as smoked fish, bacon, pickles, etc., these foods can produce carcinogens - nitrite.

Nitrosamines in food are a strong carcinogen. Nitrate and nitrite nitrosamines are former body, nitrite and amines to form nitrosamines combination. Nitrosamine compounds, many different types, different nitrosamines can cause cancerous different, almost causing a variety of organs and tissues of cancer. Carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds role more widely. Through DNA alkylation-induced mutations, but also lot of proto-oncogene activation. Containing nitrosamines pickles are the most, followed by dry salted fish, sausage, ham, bacon, etc.Fish and meat products increases the need for nitrate and nitrite hair color or for sterilization. Pollution is serious in peri-urban and Mining Areas of the leafy vegetables, the nitrate content more. In the shrimp paste, salted egg, pickled vegetables also contain more carcinogenic nitrosamines category. At the overnight cooked cabbage will produce nitrite, in the body can be transformed into nitrosamines. Such as salted fish produced dimethyl sulfoxide nitrate, in the body can be transformed into carcinogenic dimethylnitrosamine. Scientific experiments confirm that when nitrite encountered twice the vitamin C, it should not in the human body with the amine amine nitrite synthesis. Therefore, in order to take to prevent anti-cancer vitamin C in cooking losses.

So how to reduce dietary vitamin C's loss?

First, the sooner the better after eating: fresh food eaten sooner the better, because vitamin C during storage would break down.

Second, do not cut too fine food: Since the more thin and the contact area the greater the oxygen, nutrients destroyed many more.

The third is boiled: boiled food should be boiled first and then open Add food, and pot cover tightly, reduce contact with oxygen and food to enter. Boiled food, water minimization, because vitamin C dissolved in the soup, increasing contact area. Boiling time as short as possible, soup to finish as much as possible.

The fourth is Cooking: Cooking better than boiled.

Fifth exposure are not food: try not to expose to the sun, the sun will destroy vitamin C.

Some would say that the second article which talked about the food I eat very little, nothing to do with me. I would also like to ask you, you are not smoking? You are not often exposed to secondhand smoke? If yes, then can be carcinogenic nitrosamines categories often revolved around around you.

Article III. Does not overheat, excellent, too salty food, do not drink very hot water. Cooking oil can not be too high, to minimize the use of deep-fried food, fried cooking methods.

Smoked, grilled, charred, fried food, there would be some type of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are one of a typical representative of benzopyrene, benzopyrene has a strong carcinogen, and its stable chemical properties, Medium hard at cooking were destroyed. Benzopyrene can be caused by stomach cancer, glandular carcinoma, leukemia and so on. Fish, meat and other foods when the use of fire barbecue, at high temperature (greater than 400 ℃) can be contained in its protein and amino acid decomposition of many types of carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbons, especially after the scorched brown black material, sugar Add color brown after speculation substances, charred crust and smoked foods.Fried foods fried Coke had generated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; charred coffee beans Benzopyrene content after 20-fold increase; oil pancake, deep-frying, deep-fried dough sticks, etc. are used repeatedly in most of the oil, high temperatures will produce carcinogens; Smoked foods, such as bacon, smoked fish also contain Benzopyrene; barbecue food, such as roast duck, roast lamb, also contains a small amount of benzopyrene. Lamb skewer of 3,4 benzopyrene are mutton at baking, the fat droplets at high temperatures generated by combustion. 3,4 benzopyrene are recognized by international medical circles the strongest one of the carcinogenic substances that can cause skin cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer and other cancers.

Have children at home parents must pay attention to this point. Your child's body is growing, after school, when his hungry, and schools on both sides are grilled, fried small stalls, very unsafe, very unsafe.

Under cooking food at high temperature would produce a certain fat oxides and smoke condensate oil, these substances with the oil temperature rise will be exponential growth, oil smoke condensate contains a large number of oxides of nitrogen and benzopyrene. Oil smoke condensate through the digestive tract, respiratory tract into the body, so that the lipid membrane biochemical changes in the nature of produce, especially linolenic acid composition of fats in the case of high fever after the oxidation of the molecular product of oil smoke condensate induced degeneration plays a very important role, leading to carcinogenesis.

Scientists believe that the PAH molecules have a particularly active substances, with the human body combined oxidase acting on DNA molecules, the gene activation and tumor-induced cancer. Under normal circumstances, a trace amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to participate in the body's metabolic process, and will not cause cancer, but large doses of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, it is induced gastrointestinal cancer culprit.

Article IV. Eat more fresh vegetables, food should not over-fed, control of food intake of meat.

Article V. Do not eat are pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables and other food.

Who do not know what to eat are not contaminated by agricultural pesticide. Over the past 20 years a high incidence of cancer, pesticides are one culprit.

Here introduce some methods of treatment before consumption can reduce pesticide poisoning.

First, peeled: remove shell grain, fruit peel, roots outside of the leaf vegetables, can be reduced by 40% ~ 90% of the pesticide residues.

The second is washed: washed, preferably in a single rinse many times, by the momentum of water, put in fruit and vegetable residues on the surface of the pesticide obliterated. Add the water detergents or other substances can often improve the cleaning rate of pesticide residues, such as water added to dilute salt can reduce arsenic residues on fruits and vegetables.

The emphasis here is used to wash down the drain. We live in has a lot of middle-aged and elderly are very thrifty, thrifty extreme, even a drop of water he would cherish. In fact, it is more parsimonious waste. One of the dialectics, the inconvenience to go into details.

The third is boiled: boiled vegetables in the process, can eliminate pesticide residues, first, thermal decomposition, and the other is the pesticide into the water, with water vapor and evaporation.

Article VI is not alcohol

The United States, Israel and other countries scientists study found that excessive drinking will lead to the deterioration of tumor, and alcoholics the ratio of cancer are twice as many ordinary people. Scientists believe that because of lot of pre-cancer patients are not aware of the existence of tumor, drunkenness prompted the development and proliferation of tumor. Alcohol enters the body after it was broken down into acetaldehyde, acetaldehyde is a kind of substances hazardous to health, the human body has an enzyme to break down acetaldehyde plays a role, less people will drink, and its enzymes break down the capacity of weak , after the residual alcohol in the body of acetaldehyde, can lead to esophageal cancer.Drinking beer from a large number of oral cancer patients, the risk of esophageal cancer, mainly because of the content of nitrosamines in beer more, the main source of nitrosamines are manufacturing beer wheat koji, therefore, now in Beer nitrosamine content provides for a limit, and can be improved through the brewing process, so that decreased content of N-nitrosamines. Liquor major components are ethanol, also contains methanol, propanol, butanol, amyl alcohol, isoamyl alcohol, such as fusel and other toxic chemicals.These harmful elements of alcohol and a variety of inorganic salts dissolved in alcohol, when alcohol emitted from the human body when these inorganic elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, manganese, chromium, germanium, etc.) the loss of caused by weakening of the immune function, but also of trace elements in RNA reduced the opportunity to stir up trouble oncogene, telomerase is activated, so that cancer cell proliferation and cancer.

Article VII of the non-smokers
I am familiar with a friend, exhaust pollution of cities, kitchen soot pollution is very sensitive, weekly air quality in rural areas fled to places well go on leave. I said to him, you This is a temporary solution, because he usually smoke a pack a day is not enough, and cigarette smoke inside category containing aromatic carcinogens, like benzopyrene. In order to avoid the fumes of benzopyrene, aromatic hydrocarbons in automobile exhaust carcinogens category went to the countryside "through one through the air", but carry cigarettes, how can it say that they have have the quality of life?

Cancer Study on Bo's has a smoking index. The index is the number of daily smokers by the branch on the number of years of smoking, if the product of more than 400 years, then this person becomes the object of high-risk of lung cancer. Such as smokers who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day 20 or 20 years down absorption, 20 by 20 has reached 400 years, if smoking two packs a day, then do not need 20 or 10 years will reach 400 years. The livelihood of the people smoke the risk of cancer than others, high-lO-fold.

The reason why tobacco causes cancer, the most important reasons are contained in cigarette smoke tar. Currently known, cigarette tar contains 4000 kinds of compounds, one of at least 43 kinds of compounds can cause cancer. People smoking, the larger molecules in the first cigarette tar adhesion at the front of the trachea and bronchial than on, it caused lung cancer is belong to many epithelial carcinoma, namely, male smokers for the common form of lung cancer cells.Some smokers, often likes to smoke inhalation deep lungs, cigarette tar so it will arrive inside the lung, there will be more opportunities for the formation of adenocarcinoma. Because of cigarette tar adhesion molecules have been smokers at the trachea on its spit tobacco contained in the tobacco tar molecules have a smaller, second-hand smoking is basically the people who inhaled cigarette tar also smaller, easier to arrive lung adenocarcinoma arising from the internal, which is why women and non-smokers get lung cancer as adenocarcinoma form many reasons.

Smokers the opportunity to get lung cancer are non-smokers 10 times, second-hand smoking and lung cancer bidder the opportunity to non-smokers are 5 times. That is to say second-hand smoking are tantamount to someone smoking a cigarette, he is also a relatively semi-root tobacco smoke. Smokers more prone to get lung cancer, many are epithelial carcinoma, and second-hand smoking bidders are many adenocarcinoma lung cancer.

If you are the father to be done immediately, I would advise you to quit smoking. Your family will not only harm suffered by second-hand smoke, your children, you will also be affected by third-hand smoke poisoning. Because of the harmful substances in cigarettes would fall on the floor, the carpet, your clothes on, contact your child a long time, will become the main victims.

Article VIII. Not long-term use may cause cancer drugs.

Long-term take medicine all the people will inevitably encounter the side effects of this drug is the first big problem.

General medicine arising from the use of cancer drugs, known as drug-induced cancer. The current world countries attach great importance to cancer drugs, have stipulated that the approval of new drugs must be carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic "three letter" test. So what exactly has cancer drugs dangerous?

Antipyretic analgesic drugs: these drugs such as aspirin, aminopyrine, aspirin compound, compound aminopyrine, etc., if the long-term use, can cause renal pelvis cancer and bladder cancer, the incidence rate is about 9.5%.

Chloramphenicol: Long-term use of such drugs (including tablets, injections, eye drops), can lead to neutropenia, caused by aplastic anemia and acute leukemia induced. Induced leukemia of its incubation period of up to 7 years.

Reserpine: Reserpine long-term use of women susceptible to breast cancer, especially postmenopausal women, the incidence of people than any other high-3 times.

Antineoplastic agents: taking azathioprine can induce lymphoma, leukemia, cervical cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of lip; taking cyclophosphamide induced bladder cancer, lymphoma and acute leukemia hundred extinction-induced bronchial encore cancer and vulvar long-term administration of methotrexate can induce renal cell carcinoma and breast cancer.

Testosterone drugs: Long-term large-scale use of methyl testosterone, dehydro-methyl testosterone, testosterone enanthate treatment of aplastic anemia, the easy to cause hepatocellular carcinoma.

Antiepileptic drugs: suffering from epilepsy and long-term administration of phenytoin sodium infants born to pregnant women may be suffering from nerve fibroblastoma; substantial long-term use of phenobarbital in patients may be caused by malignant brain tumor.

Diethylstilbestrol: a long time to take the drug for pregnant women, the girl gave birth to the future of reproductive tract may occur adenoma; menopausal or post-menopausal women use this drug, endometrial cancer incidence increased significantly; men such as daily Application of the drug 0.5mg, once a few years, adrenal gland cancer can occur.

Others: oxytetracycline, chloroform, arsenic compounds, coal tar ointment, adriamycin, phenylbutazone, antisterone, isoniazid, carbon tetrachloride, nitrite, nitrosamines such as drugs, according to Animal experiments have also found varying degrees of carcinogenic effects.

Article IX. No contact or less contact with the smoke out the chimney.

I want to take the initiative to go near the chimney certainly not many people, some are passive close. Factory pollution in the vicinity of the chimney around the residents of such disputes in fact, a lot of environmental protection, see, especially in urban and rural, high-polluting enterprises not only undermined the ecological, but also allow residents around the cancer rate has risen.

Article X. Without detergent scrub tableware, tea or food.

XI. Do not use toxic plastic.

People in their daily lives, often dealing with plastic bags, lightly used clothing installed, put the food, litter loading ... ... but we must not lose sight of, some plastic bags are toxic, if used to hold food, has become a major health enemy. The market used to hold plastic bags of food made from polyethylene, are non-toxic, and made from PVC plastic are toxic and can not be used to hold food.

Identification of plastic whether or not the toxicity of Ways: Water detection method: put a plastic bag placed in water, non-toxic to the surface; and toxic not float. Hands touch the color detection method: non-toxic was milky white or colorless and transparent, when the hand has lubricating flu, flu-like surface may wax; toxic turbidity or color yellow, red, black, handle some sticky.Jitter detection method; seize the plastic bag forced Buffeting look, sound, clear non-toxic; sound stuffy Shibuya toxic. Fire detection: non-toxic flammable, flame cutting-edge yellow, cyan showed partial burning like a candle, like drip, has paraffin smell; toxic non-flammable, away from the fire that is extinguished, the flame tip yellow, green at the bottom , softening can pull into a filament.

Toxic plastic bags for the main toxic vinyl chloride, are toxic substances. Vinyl chloride may be the respiratory tract, digestive tract, blood penetrated the human body. Poisoning occurs when dizziness, headache, orientation obstacles, bad sense, have drunk feeling, but also the whole body has pins and needles, chest pain, cough,多痰, severe cases can cause pulmonary edema, liver damage. According to introduce the relevant information, vinyl chloride can cause liver and respiratory tract hemangioma tumor on the eyes and skin have a stimulating effect.

It has the color of plastic bags 90% failed, can not be used for loading of food. Especially in black plastic bags.

Article XII. Can not excessive sun.

Home furniture, always a dry place to sun, a place without sun that aging is not the same.

Human skin is just the same.

Life has many parents, many children think the sun is conducive to good health, but often overlooked ultraviolet sun damage on the human body. In fact, the children the harmful effects of excessive sun more, not only because UV can cause skin sunburn, and even adult children will increase the probability of skin cancer.

Substantial clinical data confirm that childhood exposure to sunlight, if excessive, will cause the child's organizational structure to accelerate the aging of the skin, or lead to adult facial skin freckles happen, increasing the probability of black spot. And the United States, a clinical research data shows that a person 18 years ago at the UV damage by its life about 80% of children during the first serious blistering sunburn, skin cancer can make the adult period of dangerous doubled.

Is therefore recommended that parents help children sunscreen should do the following: Do not have a strong drying under the sun a long time, especially in the day 11:00 to 15:00 between the strongest UV periods; If you need to go out, the most good sun hat to wear, hold parasols, and the penetration of gas a good long clothing, long trousers; should try to put exposed skin painted with sunscreen, if go to the beach, outdoor swimming pool and other places have water, but also pay special attention to Selection of waterproof sunscreen.

Article XIII. Attention to ventilation, do not be in a closed environment for too long. Not loaded air-conditioned rooms, each day must also be windowed 1-2 hours.

Article XIV. Fewer night shifts.

December 2008, the World Health Organization will be easier to work at night as one of the factors that cause cancer. Statistical experts believe that the night shift would result in tumor suppression of melatonin can reduce Melanin; Second, because of lack of sleep, decreased immune function; three are black and white reversal will affect the endocrine life. The survey found the turn of the replacement of night shifts, a greater impact on the body.

Article XV. Decoration do not use radioactive rocks and ores and contain benzene, carbon tetrachloride, formaldehyde, carcinogenic substances such as methylene chloride building materials.

To ensure good ventilation. After renovation, the interior should be clean all kinds of odor emissions when the ventilation 30 days after admission.

I am here only to add one point. The color of the stone the more colorful, more intense radiation. White, black stone relatively safe, and green, red stone, are unsafe.

Article XVI. Prevent pollutants from being stranded.

Bought new clothes to wear after washing with water. In hospitals, factories, workshops people off the job, they should first wash your hands or bathing, do not put work clothes in home.

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